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Warranty 24 Months Power Tools

Each product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, in accordance with current regulations.

in order to take advantage of the warranty applied to power tools, we advise you to keep the tax documents issued (invoice, receipt, transport document), where the tool model and serial number of the tool are shown.

In accordance with the law, our Company applies the following guarantees:

  • - the LEGAL GUARANTEE OF CONFORMITY', provided for by article 132 of the Consumer Code, lasting 24 MONTHS. This guarantee is the sole responsibility of Consumers (ie, pursuant to art. 3 of the Consumer Code, "natural persons who act for purposes unrelated to any business, commercial, artisanal or professional activity that may be carried out") for all products purchased with normal receipt / receipt;

  • - THE WARRANTY FOR VICES, provided for by article 1495 of the Civil Code, lasting 12 MONTHS. This guarantee is for all professional operators, i.e. those end users with VAT numbers (partnerships or joint-stock companies, sole proprietorships, craft businesses, freelancers, etc.) who use the product for professional purposes and who purchase the product with an invoice. tax.

    The above guarantees do not include: repairs carried out by personnel not authorized by our Company; incorrect electrical connections; Tamper / disassembly / modifications; incorrect use and abuse (not in accordance with the indications given in the instruction booklet); continuous use after partial failure; use of improper and non-original accessories; use of non-original spare parts; lack of ordinary and / or improper maintenance; use of unsuitable and / or deteriorated lubricants from prolonged storage; charcoals, cable, plug, grease, candles, air filter, oil, fuel, fuel pipes and lubricants in general.

    Normal use and therefore the consequent deterioration of the product is not covered by the warranty.

    Replaced tools and components become property of Diamond Tools Srl.