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About Us

Avangard-Pentax was founded in 1977 as a company specialized in the production of diamond tools for cutting and polishing stone.

Today Avangard-Pentax is synonymous with professionalism and identifies a complete range of discs, crowns and other diamond tools capable of solving any problem of cutting, coring and sanding of any material and with any machine in the construction sector.

Over the years, the continuous search for cutting-edge production technologies and the attention to the specific needs of the operators, born from the direct line between the company's construction site and technical office, have made the brand Avangard-Pentax assumed a leading role in the global market, both for the quality of the products and for the attention paid to customers.

Avangard-Pentax is able to offer its customers a range of safe professional products, in compliance with the strict European safety regulations, reliable since they are produced in their own factories with the best materials and cutting-edge technologies, economic because they are designed for the rationalization of processing times.

To better face globalization and overcome the change that has changed the market in recent years, Avangard-Pentax has become part of an important international group with cutting-edge production units located on Italian, European and non-European territory with organized logistics centers located in the area, to guarantee an adequate service to the growing demand and needs of an increasingly specialized clientele .